Simple is a template for creating uncomplicated web pages, focusing on the written word without distractions. Its minimalist design makes it easy to publish your writing on the web. The template uses lightweight HTML and references an equally simple style sheet, Voltaire. It provides a clean, responsive layout that works well on both mobile phones and desktop systems. I offer this template, free to all, in the hopes that someone, perhaps you, will use it to write and publish enduring content.

How to use the template

Right-click this link, and select "Save as" to make a copy on your computer. Then open the file with a text editor. You can also copy and paste the code from here:


The Simple template references a cascading style sheet (CSS) named Voltaire. I am using this same style sheet for this page. To modify it for your own use, download it (right-click the link and choose "Save as"), or copy and paste from here:

I hope you find this Simple HTML template with Voltaire CSS useful.