All Classes and Interfaces

Used as a parameter for several SqlBuilder methods.
Thrown when a DataJet cannot connect to the specified database.
Used to manage java.sql.Connection objects required by DataJets.
The base class for all DataJets.
Thrown when a DataJet attempts to access a method before it has been initialized.
A single piece of data retrieved from or to be stored in a database table.
Specifies that a DataJet will expose methods to create a physical table corresponding to the DataJet.
A concrete entension of DataJet that implements Storable and Removable and can be used by composition or inheritance.
The class for initializing DataJet objects and methods.
Used as a parameter in join methods in SqlBuilder.
MultiPartFormOutputStream is used to write "multipart/form-data" to a for POSTing.
Used as a parameter in orderBy methods in SqlBuilder.
Specifies that a DataJet will expose a public remove method.
Facilitates creation of SQL statements in an object-oriented manner.
Specifies that a DataJet will expose a public store method.
Contains information about a physical database table.
Application must be running as administrator to write to the Windows Event Log.