Class Comparison


public class Comparison extends Object
Used as a parameter for several SqlBuilder methods. The methods that use this class are:
  • andWhere
  • orWhere
  • andHaving
  • orHaving
The purpose of these methods is to add conditional statements to the SQL statement represented by the SqlBuilder.
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  • Field Details

    • EQUAL

      public static final Comparison EQUAL
      A comparison representing equality. This is the =< operator in SQL.

      public static final Comparison NOT_EQUAL
      A comparison representing inequality. This is the != operator in SQL.

      public static final Comparison GREATER_THAN
      A comparison representing greater than. This is the > operator in SQL.

      public static final Comparison LESS_THAN
      A comparison representing less than. This is the < operator in SQL.

      public static final Comparison GREATER_THAN_EQUAL
      A comparison representing greater than or equal. This is the >= operator in SQL.

      public static final Comparison LESS_THAN_EQUAL
      A comparison representing less than or equal. This is the <= operator in SQL.
    • LIKE

      public static final Comparison LIKE
      A comparison representing similarity. This is the LIKE operator in SQL.
  • Method Details

    • toString

      public String toString()
      Returns a String representation of the comparison operator. This String is intended for use in a SQL statement.
      toString in class Object
      the comparison operator as a String