Package anderix.datajets

package anderix.datajets
Provides a framework for creating DataJets, database-aware classes that contain create, read, update and delete functionality. Creating basic DataJets requires no SQL and very little knowledge of JDBC. DataJets aid in object-relational mapping and are excellent business objects for many solutions. There are several ways to create and use DataJets, including:
  • Instantiating and initializing Jet
  • Extending Jet
  • Extending DataJet
To further customize a DataJet, a developer may use SqlBuilder objects to return sets of DataJets. As its name implies, SqlBuilder may also be used in a stand-alone manner to build standard SQL statements in an object-oriented manner.

DataJets return data from a database in the form of Datum objects, which can be converted to several different types. If you prefer, DataJets can also return data as Object instances to be casted manually. Like SqlBuilder, the Datum class can also be used apart from the DataJets framework.

  • Class
    Used as a parameter for several SqlBuilder methods.
    Thrown when a DataJet cannot connect to the specified database.
    Used to manage java.sql.Connection objects required by DataJets.
    The base class for all DataJets.
    Thrown when a DataJet attempts to access a method before it has been initialized.
    A single piece of data retrieved from or to be stored in a database table.
    Specifies that a DataJet will expose methods to create a physical table corresponding to the DataJet.
    A concrete entension of DataJet that implements Storable and Removable and can be used by composition or inheritance.
    The class for initializing DataJet objects and methods.
    Used as a parameter in join methods in SqlBuilder.
    Used as a parameter in orderBy methods in SqlBuilder.
    Specifies that a DataJet will expose a public remove method.
    Facilitates creation of SQL statements in an object-oriented manner.
    Specifies that a DataJet will expose a public store method.
    Contains information about a physical database table.